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Brooklyn Luthier Dan Krugman Specializes in Archtop Artistry - Acoustic Guitar

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LUTHIER & GUITAR MAKERS LINKS: Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans - Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans
Guild of American Luthiers - the foremost source of information for makers repairers and restorers of all kinds of string instruments.
Galloup School of Lutherie - To become a professional luthier choose training thatís grounded in the working world of guitarmaking and repair.
Fretwork Guitar Repair School - one-on-one
American School of Lutherie - Learn state-of-the-art guitar making in short-term intensive classes with Charles Fox master builder and educator with 40 years of experience.

Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie - comprehensive four-month luthier/guitar making course taught in Phoenix Arizona.
Timeless Instruments - Luthier David Freeman 7 week hands on instruction in design building finish & setup of steel & classical guitars.
Recording Connection - an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers. - dedicated to providing the best instructional articles about guitar repair maintenance and guitar building on the web so you can repair your own guitars.
A.J. Lucas - guitar maker/luthier in the UK.
Aaron Green - My goal as a luthier is to create an instrument that will inspire the guitarist's musical expression.
Pederson Custom Guitars - formerly Abyss Guitar Company.
Acme Archtops - We build laminated wood parts for archtop guitar builders.
Luthier: Al Carruth - I've worked a long time to perfect your sound.
Alan Fontanilla - luthier from San Francisco CA
Alberico Guitars - The first thing you will notice about my guitars is their simple beauty. I identify very strongly with the Arts & Crafts architectural and design movement of the early 1900ís
Andrew White - Welcome to Andrew White Guitars.
Arnie Gamble - Welcome Northern California guitar shop specializing in stringed instrument repair and restoration including neck resets refrets and basic set ups.
Ayers Guitars - AYERS MUSIC CO. LTD All hand made All solid wood Luthierís product.
Baranik Guitars - Luthier from Templeton CA
Baruke Guitars - Repairs restorations and premium hand crafted guitars by Allen Williams.
Bashkin Guitars - guitars designed to be contemporary expressions of the highest aspirations of the luthier's art.
Bill Cumpiano - master guitar maker craftsman.
Bischoff Guitars - blending 37 years of expertise in instrument repair and building with the eye and ear of artist and musician.
Boucher Guitars - french guitar maker luthier.
Breedlove Guitars - beautiful hand made guitars.
Brent Mcelroy - luthier guitar maker from Seattle WA.
Brook Guitars - Handmade guitarsmbuilt in the UK in the heart of the Westcountry.
Bruce Sexauer - Cutting Edge Traditional guitar maker working w walnut redwood maple pernambuco moonspruce
Burton LeGeyt - Guitar maker w new model CL in Red Spruce and Cuban Mahogany.
Caldwell Guitars - Hand Crafted Steel String Guitars Vintage Reproduction and Contemporary Fingerstyle
Cervantes Guitars - The deep knowledge of the guitar that Alejandro has gather as a player has envisioned him with a holistic approach and understanding of the guitar in terms of playability and acoustics.
Charles Fox - high-performance luxury guitars from the workshop of master luthier Charles Fox.
Charlie Hoffman - provides a full range of services to guitar players nationwide. We have always worked to provide the finest in instrument repair services and handcrafted guitars.
Chris Jenkins - Lame Horse Instruments offering Saddle Pal Elko LH-14 guitars open back banjos and the famous Gitjo.
Clint Bear - Wood Tone Music 3 things I am passionate about! Each relates to the other. And that's my other passion: handcrafting fine acoustic guitars. Using vintage instruments of the past as inspiration
Clinesmith Resonator Guitars - Hand crafted resonator and Hawaiian guitars.
Collings - lifelong interests in both guitars and tools into the challenge of stringed instrument building and repair.
Crafters Of Tennessee - Mark Taylor builds Tennessee Banjos
Dana Bourgeois - master luthier crafted over 1
Daniel Turner - master luthier guitar maker specializing in flamenco guitars.
Dave Bertoncini - beautiful handmade acoustic guitars.
David Berkowitz - Every Berkowitz Guitar is as individual as its owner. Customers choose from a variety of models tonewoods and other options tailored to their unique needs and playing styles.
Dave Deighton - information about Dave and his craftmanship as well as the process of making a guitaer of violin step by step.
Dave Miller - Miller Acoustic Guitars
David Freeman - David has built and repaired most fretted string instruments such as guitars resonators arch tops bouzoukis mandolins violins dulcimers harps and is currently developing violin Bow construction. He is using traditional woods as well as researching alternative tonewoods as the traditional woods have become difficult to acquire or endangered.
David MacCubbin - offer high-quality custom handcrafted steel string acoustic guitars. Built for the fingerstyle player and using only the finest materials each guitar is individually crafted to exacting specifications.


Gasparo Duiffopruggar of FŁssen, Germany, violin maker, luthier. Da SalÚ exported his instruments to France and Spain. He had five apprentices: his son Francesco, an assistant named Battista, the French Alexander of Marsiglia, Giacomo Lafranchini and, last, the most important is Giovanni Paolo Maggini who inherited da SalÚ's business in Brescia upon da SalÚ's death. Valentino Siani worked with Giovanni Maggini.

Renowned luthiers from the 18th century include NicolÚ Gagliano of Naples, Italy, Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi of Milan and Giovanni Battista Guadagnini. From Austria originally, Leopold Widhalm later established himself in NŁrnberg, Germany. The early 19th century luthiers of the Mirecourt school of violin making in France were the Vuillaume family, Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin, and Collin-Mezin's son, Charles Collin-Mezin, Jr. The JťrŰme-Thibouville-Lamy firm started making wind instruments around 1730 at La Couture-Boussey, then moved to Mirecourt around 1760 and started making violins, guitars, mandolins, and musical accessories.

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