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Massachusetts policy leaves hemp farmers in limbo - Worcester Telegram
Rehabilitation center opens new COVID-19 recovery building in East Longmeadow -

Meals on Wheels deliveries spike in East Longmeadow -

Incorporations - Business West

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East Longmeadow printing company offering free face shields, masks to first responders -

East Longmeadow offers trash overflow relief | News -

East+Longmeadow MA picturesEast Longmeadow retired fire captain passes away at Holyoke Soldiers' Home -

Agawam, East Longmeadow officials announce positive COVID-19 cases -

East Longmeadow notified of three positive cases of COVID-19 -

East Longmeadow church offering online services amid 'stay-at-home' advisory -


East+Longmeadow MA picture@reaganbetter @GovNedLamont @LEGO_Group You live in East Longmeadow, MA. Don’t tell us Nutmeggers how to do things. by LSunflower1

Library Board of Trustees Meeting: Event date: April 15, 2020 Event Time: 06:00 PM - 11:59 PM Location: East Longme… by elongmeadow

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@realDonaldTrump Why, are republicans planning on using it for voter fraud? Again? (East Longmeadow, MA, along with other places) by olwyngdh

@JodySmithNFL East Longmeadow MA Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 by Hildarumpole

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Town Council Meeting: Event date: April 14, 2020 Event Time: 05:15 PM - 11:59 PM Location: East Longmeadow, MA 0102… by elongmeadow

pic of East+Longmeadow MassachusettsRT @LongmeadowHS: How did Converse Street in #Longmeadow, #MA get its name? Earlier in our town's history it was called East Street. Read t… by StorrsLibrary

Town Council Financial Oversight Committee: Event date: April 15, 2020 Event Time: 10:00 AM - 11:59 PM Location: Ea… by elongmeadow

RT @LongmeadowHS: How did Converse Street in #Longmeadow, #MA get its name? Earlier in our town's history it was called East Street. Read t… by atastythought

How did Converse Street in #Longmeadow, #MA get its name? Earlier in our town's history it was called East Street.… by LongmeadowHS

EAST LONGMEADOW MA LINKS: Town of East Longmeadow - Welcome to the official web site for the Town of East Longmeadow located in Western Massachusetts.
East Longmeadow Public Schools - Our mission in the East Longmeadow Public Schools is to promote achievement and accountability in all endeavors as we educate today for the challenges of tomorrow.
The Reminder - Western Mass. Community Newspapers publications that connect you to news.
Fenway Golf - miniature golf driving range batting cages.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church - St.Marks.St. Mark's Episcopal Church 1 Porter Road East Longmeadow MA.
Pizza Shoppe - pizza "Featuring Our Legendary Dough" East Longmeadow restaurants.


The East Longmeadow public library began in 1896.But in 2005 a new library was put in and is now very popular.

The Seward Pease House and the First Congregationalist Church are points of interest in East Longmeadow as is the area around the central rotary. Here, there are many small shops, including many restaurants such as Boston Market, DeNardo's, Fazio's, Romito & Sons, the Pizza Shoppe, and recently Spoleto's. Also an integral part of East Longmeadow are the many churches, such as St. Michael's (Catholic), St. Paul's, St. Mark's and many more. Also, East Longmeadow was home to Milton Bradley Company for many years, and still houses one of their largest facilities after Hasbro bought this corporation in 1984.

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