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BLUE BRAIN PROJECT LINKS: Blue Brain Project EPFL - Neuroscientists working on Blue Brain Project at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).
Year two documentary on the Blue Brain project - The year two film of director Noah Hutton’s 10-year documentary-in-the-making on the progress of the ambitious Blue Brain Project is now online and well-worth watching.
Henry Markram builds a brain in a supercomputer Video on - Henry Markram is director of Blue Brain a supercomputing project that can model components of the human brain.
IBM's Blue Gene Supercomputer Models a Cat's Entire Brain - Using 144 terabytes of RAM scientists simulate a cat's cerebral cortex based on 1 billion neurons and 10 trillion synapses.
Blue Brain Project - The Blue Brain Project is an attempt to reverse engineer the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation. The project was founded in May 2005 by Henry Markram at the EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland. Goals of the project are to gain a complete understanding of the brain and to enable better and faster development of brain disease treatments.


The Cajal Blue Brain is coordinated by the Technical University of Madrid and uses the facilities of the Supercomputing and Visualization Center of Madrid and its supercomputer Magerit. The Cajal Institute also participates in this collaboration. The main lines of research currently being pursued at Cajal Blue Brain include neurological experimentation and computer simulations. Nanotechnology, in the form of a newly designed brain microscope, plays an important role in its research plans. other research includes: Artificial brain, Artificial intelligence, Artificial neural network, Cognitive science, Neural network, Neuroinformatics, Social simulation, Whole brain emulation, Project Joshua Blue.

Whole brain computer simulation: goal is to build a detailed, functional simulation of the physiological processes in the human brain: "It is not impossible to build a human brain and we can do it in 10 years," Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project said in 2009 at the TED conference in Oxford. In a BBC World Service interview he said: "If we build it correctly it should speak and have an intelligence and behave very much as a human does."

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