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Decorating and glazing additives can be worked into the clay body prior to forming, to produce desired effects in the fired wares. Coarse additives such as sand and grog (fired clay which has been finely ground) are sometimes used to give the final product a required texture. Contrasting coloured clays and grogs are sometimes used to produce patterns in the finished wares. Colourants, usually metal oxides and carbonates, are added singly or in combination to achieve a desired colour. Combustible particles can be mixed with the body or pressed into the surface.

Jiggering and jolleying are carried out on the potter's wheel and allow the time taken to bring wares to a standardized form to be reduced. Jiggering is a procedure where a shaped tool is put into contact with the plastic clay of a piece under construction, the piece itself being set on a rotating plaster mould on the wheel at various speeds.

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