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ATTLEBORO LINKS: Capron Park Zoo - Located in Attleboro MA Capron Park Zoo strives to prove that big things DO come in small packages!
Attleboro Arts Museum - Housing one of the largest gallery spaces between Boston and Providence.
Attleboro School District - official site of Attleboro school district.
Highland Country Club - Highland Country Club 104 Mechanic Street Attleboro MA.
Attleboro Area Industrial Museum - Attleboro Area Industrial Museum Where industry and history meet Massachusetts.

Chamber of Commerce - We are proud to serve the businesses and communities of Attleboro & Bellingham MA.


The religions represented by the churches in Attleboro reveal the historic ethnic makeup of the community. The five Roman Catholic churches St. John, St. Stephen, St. Joseph, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, and Holy Ghost reflect the English/Irish, formerly French now Hispanic, and Portuguese, neighborhoods, respectively.

Attleboro MA was once known for jewelry manufacturing, notably through the L.G. Balfour Company, starting in 1913. However, the company has since moved out of the city, with the site of the former plant turned into a riverfront park. At one time, Attleboro was known as "The Jewelry Capital of the World." Jewelry-related manufacturing firms continue to operate there. One of these companies is Guyot Brothers Company, which was started in 1904. General Findings, M.S. Company, James A. Murphy Co., Garlan Chain, Leach & Garner, and Masters of Design (which was started by former Balfour employees) are jewelry related manufacturing companies still in operation.

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